Creating a jazzy store window presentation? Showing off bigger-than-life pictures of your products in the lobby of your building? Outfitting your trade show booth? Whatever the application your images need the protection, durability and beauty of large-format mounting and laminating from Perma-Graphics.

Most large images, especially those produced digitally, are thin, fragile and sensitive to moisture. Mounting them on a sturdy, lightweight substrate such as foam board gives them the strength not to stretch or collapse, and lamination protects them against the elements.

Beyond the practical benefits of protections and durability, mounting and laminating adds a sharp-looking finish to your images. It’s the stylish professional final touch that makes your images – from photos to banners to wall maps – stand out from the ordinary.

Choose large-format mounting and laminating for:

  • Convention booth and trade show displays
  • Store window displays
  • Lobby displays
  • Point-of-purchase counter cards or wall hangings
  • Wall maps
  • Murals
  • Large posters
  • Banners

Protect and beautify your display with large-format mounting and laminating from Perma-Graphics.

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